• Secure Connection Failed message when logging into the Store

    When trying to access any SSL page on the site and you receive a Secure Connection Failed message, this generally means that your browser is older and needs to be updated.

    Because of PCI compliance with the credit card companies for security purposes we had to drop support for older un-secure SSL protocols (SSLv2, SSLv3, and TLS1.0). Any browser that is somewhat newer in release version will work without issue.

    If you are looking to upgrade browsers we highly recommend Google Chrome or FireFox for either the Mac or PC as these are the best browsers at this time.

    For your own protection and security you should always be using the latest version of any web browser that you use. Security holes that can be exploited by hackers are always being found and fixed and the updates will address these issues.

    If you are on the latest version of a browser and still receiving this error 1) first clear your browser cache and cookies and 2) make sure that any free ISP on-line protection software has been disabled, or 3) try re-installing the browser or select a different one and you should be fine.