• Viewing Product Close-ups, Sample Layouts and Layout Credits in the Store

    Designer Digitals store has a brand new look! The new format has great features and functions. For example, you now have the ability to zoom in on product preview details and activate a slideshow of sample layouts. Here’s how:

    When you are in the store, click on a product image to see the product details.
    This takes you to a page that contains information about the product with a preview on the right. Under the preview, you’ll usually find one or more sample layouts using the product.

    If you take your cursor and hover over the product preview image, you'll see the details through a digital magnifying lens.
    Click on the product preview to see a larger preview and activate the slideshow.
    Hovering over this larger preview allows you to see the product in greater detail with the digital magnifier.
    Click on the arrow at the top right corner to see a sample layout. You can also magnify the layout preview by hovering over it with the cursor. Or you can move the cursor outside of the large preview to view the whole layout at once.
    Click the arrow again to see more samples or click the X in the top right corner to close the enlarged preview.

    If you are like me, you like to see what products were used to create the sample layouts. To do this, look under the product description to find the words "Extra Image Links:" To the right of that phrase, there will be one or more links that will take you to the idea gallery so that you can view the sample layout and check the product list.
    While in the gallery, you can click on the underlined product listings to see the products in the store.