• Create a Picture Within a Picture in Photoshop or PSE

    Creating an image within an image is a technique we've had several requests for. Here’s a quick way to achieve this look:

    Begin by opening a piece of textured digital paper like Katie Pertiet's VintageTexturesNo1 or one of the Just Linens by Maplebrook Studios. Any textured paper that coordinates with your photo will give your project an interesting look.
    Open a photo and use the Move tool to drag it onto the digital paper.
    For the sample, I used a photo that completely covers the paper document. You can resize the photo using the corner handles if you need to increase or decrease the size of the image.
    Select the photo layer and get a Marquee tool. I used the Rectangular Marquee tool, but you can certainly use the Elliptical Marquee if you want your inner image to be a circle.
    Draw out a selection that encloses the portion of the photo that you want to be the inner image.
    Hold down the Shift key as you click and drag if you want a square or a perfect circle.
    You'll see marching ants around the selection.
    Press Ctrl J (Mac: Cmd J) on your keyboard.
    Now in the layers panel, you'll find the selected portion has become a layer.
    Select the new layer in the Layers Panel. Apply a drop shadow layer style to "lift" it off the larger photo.
    Next, give the small image definition by framing it. Ctrl click (Mac: Cmd Click) the thumbnail of the small image to select it and click the Create a New Layer icon in the Layers panel. This places a new transparent layer on top of your layer stack.
    From the Menu bar, choose Edit > Stroke. Choose a width and a size in the Stroke dialog box. I used a width of 30 pixels and white as the color. Untick the "preserve transparency" box and select "Inside" as the location. Leave the mode at Normal and the Opacity at 100%. Click OK. Press Ctrl D (Mac: Cmd D) on your keyboard to remove the marching ants. If you like, you can drag a digital frame onto your document to frame the smaller photo.
    Now you'll have a framed photo within the larger photo. You can make the smaller photo stand out by blending the large photo into the background. To do this, select the larger photo and choose a blending mode from the menu above the Layers panel. For the sample, Color Burn worked well.
    If you like, you can desaturate the color in the large photo by pressing Ctrl U (Mac: Cmd U) on the keyboard and dragging the Saturation slider to the left. Click OK.
    You can also reduce the opacity of the large photo layer by moving the opacity slider in the layers panel. This makes it a bit more subtle.

    To finish the page, add a title, some journaling and a few embellishments.