• Hiding and Deleting Guide Lines in Photoshop or Elements

    In the previous two tips, we explored ways to create and change guides in Photoshop and Elements. Using guides effectively takes the guesswork out of positioning items on your page. In this tip, I'll show you how to temporarily hide guide lines while you work on a project and how to remove guides when you no longer want or need them.

    To temporarily hide a guide:
    Guides are a useful tool, but can be visually distracting while you are working on a digital design.
    To toggle the guides off, press Ctrl ; (Mac: Cmd ; ) on your keyboard. This temporarily hides the guides from view.
    Repeat the keyboard strokes to toggle them on again.
    (By the way, you can toggle the rulers off and on by pressing Ctrl R (Mac: Cmd R) on the keyboard.)

    2 ways to remove guides:
    When you are ready to delete the guides from your page, you can use a menu command or delete them manually.
    Choosing View > Clear Guides from the Menu bar at the top of the screen removes the guides from your project.
    To manually delete guides, move your cursor over the guide. When it changes to a double-line with arrows, click and hold while you quickly flick the cursor off the edge of the document. When you unclick, the guide will be deleted. Using this method, you'll flick the guide right off the project and it will disappear.