• Tips for Changing Guides in Photoshop or PSE

    In the previous tip, I demonstrated several ways to create guides for positioning items on your digital document. This week's tip is the second in a three-part series on using guides effectively in both Photoshop and Elements. In this installment, I'll show you how to change the orientation of the guides, change the guide color and how to lock and unlock guide positions.

    Changing guide orientation:
    When you are dragging out a guide from a ruler, you may realize that you want to change the orientation. With the clicker depressed, press the Alt key (Mac: Opt key.) This changes a horizontal guide to vertical or vice versa. This is easier than starting over again.

    If you have already drawn out a guide, you can select the Move tool. Drag your cursor over the guide. When it changes to a double-line with arrows, Alt click (Mac: Opt click.) The line will automagically reposition.

    Moving guides:
    Once you've pulled out a guide, you may find that you need to move it. Drag your cursor over the guide. When it changes to a double-line with arrows, you can click and drag the guide to a new location on your document.

    Locking and unlocking guides:
    After you have your guides in place, you can lock them so that you donít accidentally move them as you work on your project. In the Menu Bar select View > Lock Guides. This will keep the guides from moving. Unticking View > Lock Guides will unlock them so that they can be moved or deleted again.

    Changing guide color and styles:
    To change the guide defaults, choose Edit > Preferences > Guides and Grid from the Menu bar. This opens the software Preferences. Under Guides, you can select a new color from the drop-down box. This is helpful if your guide color does not sufficiently contrast with the document you are working on. You can choose a new, contrasting color so that the guides are more easily located. Under Styles, you can select Lines or Dashed lines and click OK.

    Knowing how to change guides helps you work smarter and more efficiently as you create digital art. By changing the defaults, you can set up the software to work for you. Be sure to check back in two weeks for the next Designer Digitals tip on hiding and deleting guides.