• How can I add text to a photo?

    You can add text to your photos using any font you have installed on your computer.

    Open PSE in the Edit Mode. Make sure you are in Full Edit (not guided or Quick.)

    Open the photo (File > Open) in PSE. Select File > Duplicate so that you are working on a copy of your photo and not the original.

    Get the Horizontal Type Tool. It looks like a T in the Tool Bar on the left side of the screen.

    In the Options bar across the top of the editing window, you can select the font name from a drop-down menu.

    You can also choose the style, size and color there.

    Once you have selected all the options you want, left-click once on the photo and begin typing.

    When you are finished typing, click the green checkmark in the Options bar to commit the type.

    Get the Move Tool to move the typing into place.

    You can resize the type by hovering your cursor over the corner of the typed word block. At the corner, you can click drag out to make it larger, or inward to make it smaller.

    To save the photo with text, select File > Save As where you can choose the location of your file, name it and choose .jpg to flatten the file for print.

    You can save it again as a .psd file if you want to preserve the layers.