• How can I improve the quality of my printed pages from Photoshop Elements?

    Print directly from Photoshop Elements. When you finish the layout, save it then select File > Print.

    Print from the .psd file if you have created a layered project file.

    Our products are created at 300 ppi which meets or exceeds industry standards for print quality. When you save a project, be sure to save it at 300 ppi – print quality - not web or screen quality.

    From the Print Preview screen in PSE, select the print size then click “Page Setup” at the bottom right side. From the Page Setup screen, click “Printer” at the bottom right corner.

    This activates your Page setup. Select the name of your printer from the drop-down menu.

    To the right of the printer name, select “Properties.”

    This brings up your printer driver.

    Choose photo quality, size and border or borderless. Be sure to choose “photo” quality – not text or draft.

    Select the name of the paper you are using. The documentation inside your paper pack should give you the correct paper setting to choose.

    You can usually perform maintenance from this driver as well. You may need to clean your print heads – perform a test print to see if your print heads are clogged.

    Be sure to use good quality photo paper that is compatible with your printer. Not all papers are compatible with all inks, so it’s important to check the printer website for this information. Be careful with using papers from other manufacturers (such as Kodak or National Geographic.) The coating on these papers may not be compatible with your printer, causing colors to be "off."

    You might need to update your printer drivers. Check your printer website.

    If you want to get even closer color matching, you can calibrate your monitor. http://www.wikihow.com/Calibrate-Your-Monitor.

    If you still can’t get the print right, contact your printer manufacturer’s tech support to see what they suggest. They may have certain printer profiles that you can download.