• How do I use a PNG or .png frame in Photoshop or PSE

    In order to use the frames, you'll need to download and unzip them. Your computer probably came with unzip software already loaded. If not, there is a list of free unzip programs at TheFreeSite.com: Unzipping and Compression Freeware

    We can't recommend any of these specifically, but it will give you a starting place.

    Once the file is unzipped, open the .png frame in Photoshop or PSE by selecting File | Open, then browsing your computer for the unzipped folder. Make sure you are selecting the .png frame (not the preview.)
    This brings the frame into your editing window.

    Open a new document or a piece of background paper the same way (File | Open.) Also open a photo using the same steps.

    Click and drag the photo onto your background paper.

    Click on the frame to make it active (which makes it the large preview in the editing window.) Now click and drag the frame on top of the photo/background paper document in the Project bin (or onto your background layer if you are in Photoshop.)

    To change the order of your layers:
    When you drag the frame and photo onto a background, the background file will then have three layers.Be sure the photo layer is between the background layer and the frame layer. To reposition, click and drag the frame layer (in the Layers palette) to the top.Click and drag the photo layer to the middle position in the Layers palette.

    Resize your photo using the corner handles.
    Use the eraser tool to erase away any part of the photo that is sticking out behind the frame.

    Another way to erase away the excess photo area is to delete it. Here's how:

    1. After you have placed the photo behind the frame, select the frame layer in the Layers Palette.
    2. Select the Magic Wand tool and make sure "Contiguous" is checked in the options bar.

    3. Click once inside the frame window that you are filling with the photo.

    4. Type Ctrl + Shift + I (Mac: Cmd + Shift + I) or Select > Inverse from the Menu bar to select the inverse (marching ants around your area and the outer perimeter of the page).

    5. Select the photo layer.

    6. Press the delete key or backspace key on your keyboard. This will delete all of the picture that was outside of your desired area.

    7. Type Cmd + D (Mac:Ctrl + D) to deselect (get rid of the ants).