• How can I use a photo overlay in Paint Shop Pro?

    When you want to frame your photos with photo overlays like Ali Edwards' Days + Months Title + Journal Photo Overlays in Paint Shop Pro, here are the steps:

    Open PSP.

    Select Window > Cascade from the Menu bar.

    Open a photo (File > Open) by browsing your computer for the image and clicking Open.

    Open the .png image file of the overlay you are using.

    You should be able to see both the overlay and the photo in your editing window.

    Get the Move tool (press the letter M on your keyboard.)

    Select the photo. Look in the Layers Panel. Drag the THUMBNAIL of the photo in the Layers panel onto the overlay image document. Now the overlay document should have two layers: the photo and the overlay. Drag the photo layer underneath the overlay layer in the layers panel.

    Use the Pick tool to resize your photo if necessary. You can make the photo larger or smaller by clicking on the photo, then moving your cursor to any of the four corners of the photo. Drag a corner toward the center or away from the center of the image to resize it.

    Now select the Overlay layer in the Layers panel and get the Magic Wand tool. In the Options bar across the top of the editing window, make sure that "Contiguous" is checked and "Outside" is selected from the drop-down menu there.

    Click once outside of the overlay to make a selection of everything that falls outside of the frame. Marching ants should surround the outside of the frame.

    Next, select the photo layer and press Delete on your keyboard.

    This deletes all parts of the photo that fall outside of the frame.

    Press Ctrl D (Mac: Cmd D) on your keyboard to remove the selection (marching ants.)

    Finally, choose Layers > Merge > Merge Visible from the Menu bar.