• How to subscribe to a thread and get email notifications when it is updated

    When you want to check for replies on a thread or remember information that is shared, you can subscribe to a thread. Here's how:

    Click on the Community Tab to enter the message boards. Log in.
    Click any of the Categories to view the messages in that subject.

    Inside the main categories, click on a message you'd like to read.

    When you are viewing a message, you can subscribe to the thread by choosing Thread tools > Subscribe to the thread.

    This takes you to the User Control Panel where you can choose a Notification type.

    Your choices are found in the drop-down menu: No email notification, Instant notification by email, Daily updates by email, Weekly updates by email.

    To find and change the notifications, simply click User CP from the main Community screen

    From within the Control panel, you can read your thread subscriptions