• How to Create a Custom Color Swatch

    One of the things I like most about Photoshop and Elements is the ability to customize the workspace and personalize my projects. Last week, we started our series of Swatch Watch tips by selecting custom Foreground and Background colors. This week, we continue exploring how to personalize the Swatch Panel with your own color swatches.

    Using the technique from last week’s tip, choose a Foreground color from an open image.

    There are three ways to add your selected color to the Color Swatches panel.

    Click on a blank area in the Color Swatches panel. Give your color a name and click OK.
    To add the swatch without giving it a name, hold down the Alt key (Mac: Opt key) and click on a blank space in the Swatches panel or
    Click on the Create a New Swatch of Foreground Color icon at the bottom of the Color Swatches Panel.

    This adds your Foreground color to the Swatches panel. The color will “live” there even after you close the software and reopen it.

    In the full version of Photoshop and some early versions of Elements, you can save your swatches as a set by clicking the icon at the top right corner of the Swatches Panel. Enter the Preset Manager and select the colors you would like to save.
    Step by step instructions for saving and loading a Color Swatch set can be found in the following tutorial: Laying It All Out No. 07: Coloring Inside the Lines
    Be sure to check back next week for another tip on customizing your Color Swatches.