• How to Rename and Delete Color Swatches

    Is it time to make a change?

    The designers of Photoshop and Elements give you the power to make changes to many functions of the software. The Color Swatch Panel is one area that can be customized to fit your moods and needs.

    To change the name of a Color swatch, double-click or right-click on the swatch. This brings up the naming dialog box. Type the new name and click OK.

    To delete a Color swatch, Alt-click (Mac: Opt click) the swatch you want to remove. When your cursor changes into a pair of scissors, click the swatch to delete it. Right-clicking on a swatch brings up a menu with an option to delete the swatch as well.

    Isnít it nice to know that you can change swatches as easily as you change your mind?