• How to Use the Eyedropper Tool Outside of Photoshop and PSE

    Over the last few weeks, our tips have focused on using the Color Swatches Panel to select colors for your digital projects. This week, we’ll pull color from a website or document by dragging the Eyedropper tool outside of the software.

    When you are working on a digital project and you’ve found the perfect color combination online, you may like to create a custom color swatch using those colors. You could take a screenshot of the website or download images from the web and then pull them into Photoshop or Elements but if you’d like to save yourself a few steps, some time and computer resources, try this method instead.

    Open the website that contains the color scheme you’d like to use. This may be a color blog, a paint company website, your favorite football team website, a decorating site or Adobe Kuler, for example.

    Open a document in Photoshop or Elements.

    Minimize Photoshop or Elements so that you can see both the software window and the website window.

    Get the Eyedropper tool by pressing the letter I on your keyboard.

    Change the Sample size in the Options bar to 3x3 or 5x5.

    If you move the Eyedropper tool outside of the software now, it turns into a cursor, but if click on your document and then hold the Shift key, you can drag the Eyedropper outside of the software to pick up any color.

    You’ll see the Foreground color chip change as you move over the colors on the web. When the Foreground color changes to the color you’d like to use, move the cursor over to the Swatches panel and click in a blank area to “deposit” the color there.

    Repeat the process to pick up the rest of the colors you’d like to use.

    This technique works equally well with any document, icon or image on your computer screen as well as it works with websites.