• How can i post a link to my Shutterfly book in the Designer Digitals gallery?

    Begin by posting your book to the Shutterfly gallery at Shutterfly.com.

    After you upload your book to the Shutterfly gallery, you will see an "embed image" tab on the right side of the book. Click that and copy the bottom link.

    Then do a screen shot of the Shutterfly screen with your photobook showing Be sure to hit the full screen view in the upper right on Shutterfly first.

    On a PC, make a screenshot by hitting Fn Prnt Scn or Alt Prnt Scn on the keyboard.

    Open a new document in Photoshop or Elements. Press Ctrl V (Mac: Cmd V) to paste your screenshot into the new document. Save this image and upload it to the Designer Digitals Gallery.

    Paste the link you copied from Shutterfly into the credits area when you upload to your image to the DD gallery.

    You can format it like the links on this spreadsheet if you want it clickable: http://bit.ly/ayqfdo

    Shutterfly links are allowed, but links to sites other than Shutterfly are deleted from your description automatically each night.