• How to Make Your Own Printables with Brushes and Digital Embellishments

    This year’s holiday prep series begins with a tip for using brushes and elements in a different way – to make printable sheets. Whether you are crafting your own holiday cards, hybrid scrapbook pages or holiday crafts, you can use brushes and digital elements to create sheets of printed embellishments.

    Begin by opening the Photoshop or Elements editor. Make a new 8.5x11-inch document by selecting File > New. Use the RGB color mode and white background fill.

    Load the brush of your choice into your software. You can find instructions on how to do this in our Getting Started guide, in the Tips section of our site or watch the video instructions on our blog.

    Click the Foreground chip to choose your color of “ink.”

    Make a new transparent layer above your background by clicking the Create a New Layer icon in the Layers Panel.

    Get the Brush tool and click once on the new layer to stamp the brush image.

    Make another new layer, choose your ink color and select another brush. Click on your new layer to stamp that brush image. Continue until you fill the page.

    To add embellishments to your printable, use the Move tool to drag the elements over to your document.

    Be sure to leave a blank border around the edge of the paper so that your designs don’t get cut off when you print them.

    Finally, select File > Save as and give your document a name. Choose jpg for the file format. This will flatten your project into one printable layer that can be printed from Photoshop or Elements or your own printing program.

    Cut out your embellishments and use them to create crafts this holiday season or throughout the year.