• How do I use a layered template in GIMP?

    1. Download and unzip your template.

    Note: All of our products are delivered as zip files and must be unzipped before using them in your software. You will get an error message if you attempt to open the template from within the zipped file.

    2. Open GIMP

    3. Select File > Open and browse your computer to locate the unzipped layered template PSD file. Select it and click Open.

    4. Select File > Open as Layers and browse your computer to locate a digital photo. Click Open to add it to the template.

    5. Get the Scale tool. Check Keep Aspect at the bottom of the Scale options which appear below the toolbox when you select the Scale tool. Drag the photo corner to resize the photo so that it will cover one of the photo placeholders on the template. Click Scale to set the new size.

    6. Get the Move tool and move the photo so that it covers the photo placeholder.

    7. Now look in the Layers Panel on the right side of the screen. Locate the photo placeholder layer that you will cover. Right click on it and choose Alpha to Selection. This will place a box around the placeholder underneath your photo.

    8. From the Menu bar choose Select > Invert.

    9. Next find the photo layer in the Layers panel. It will probably be at the top of the Layers panel. Click the layer to select (highlight) it.

    10. Now choose Edit > Cut from the Menu bar.

    11. This cuts your photo to cover the photo placeholder.

    12. Repeat this process to cover each of the squares with photos or digital papers.

    14. Use the Text tool (looks like an A) to add your own text and to replace the title words. You can choose a font and font size from the text options that appear below the toolbox when you select the text tool.