• How to Use, Move and Resize Layered Frames and Embellishments

    More and more digital frames and embellishments are being designed as layered files. This is great since it allows for greater customization and flexibility. Working with these DIY files is a snap if you have a few techniques in your repertoire. Three of the most frequently asked questions are (1) how to move the layered embellishment to another document (2) how to resize the layered embellishment and (3) how to attach your own photo or paper to the image. Here’s how:

    1. To move a layered frame or embellishment onto another document, open a document and an embellishment file.
    Set your workspace so that you can see both documents at the same time. In Photoshop, choose Window > Arrange > Float all in Windows. In Elements, choose Window > Images > Float all in Windows.
    Click the top layer in the Layers panel at the bottom right corner of the screen.
    Hold the Shift key and click the bottom layer. This will select all of the layers top-to-bottom. Alternatively, you can Ctrl Click (Mac: Cmd click) each of the layers to select them.
    Now get the Move tool and drag the layers from the Layers panel to the new document.

    2. To resize the frame or embellishment move it to your new document and use the same method to select all of the layers of the layered file. You can also Ctrl click (Mac: Cmd click) all of the layers in the Layers panel to select them. Click the chain link icon in the Layers panel to link the layers together. Get the Move tool. In the Options bar, tick Auto Select and Show Transform Controls (PS) or Show Bounding Box (Elements.) You’ll see a box surround the embellishment. Move your cursor to a corner of the box and drag toward the center of the image to make it smaller, or away from the center to make it larger. In some versions of the software you need to hold the Shift key as you resize to maintain the aspect ratio. If you are getting the distorted, funhouse effect, hold the Shift key as you drag. As long as the layers are linked, the layers will resize, move and turn together.

    3. To attach your own photo or digital paper to the embellishment, get the Move tool and select the layer you want to cover up. Drag the photo or paper onto the layered embellishment. In the Layers panel, make sure that your photo is one spot above the layer that you are covering. You can drag the layer up or down the Layers panel to position it if necessary. Now hold down the Alt key (Mac: Opt key) and position your cursor between your photo and the layer you are covering. When the cursor changes to a double-circle arrow, click. Your photo layer will move to the right with a down-pointing arrow. On your document, the photo takes on the shape of the layer it is covering.