• How to Load Cutting Files Into the Silhouette Studio

    Cutting files for use in a die cutter are a recent addition to our store. For the next few weeks, we’ll help you get the most from these files by showing you how to load and use cutting files in the Silhouette Studio Software. To begin, let’s go over how to load image files into your software.

    1. Download and unzip your purchases. (You'll get an error message if you forget to unzip them before opening them in the software.)
    2. Open the Silhouette software. Click “Show Drawing Area” from the menu on the left side.
    3. Choose File > Open.
    4. In the Import dialog box, click the "Files of type:" drop-down menu. Choose SVG or PNG, depending on the image you are planning to cut.
    Then use the "Look in:" box at the top of the dialog box to browse your computer for your unzipped downloads.
    Double-click the image you want to import. It will populate in the drawing area as a black and white image.
    5. Now you’ll need to create the cutting lines so that the machine will know where to cut. To do this, click on the image to make it active. You will see a bounding box appear around the image.
    6. In the top right corner, choose “Open the Trace Window.” The Trace Window will appear on the right side of the screen.
    7. Click “Select Trace Area” then draw out a box around the shape. The shape will be covered with a grey box.
    8. Next, move the High Pass Filter slider to the right until the entire area you want to cut is highlighted yellow. Then click Trace in the box labeled “Apply Trace Method.”
    9. Click the black shape and drag it down. Click it again to select it and press delete or backspace on your keyboard to delete the black shape.
    You’ll be left with a red outline of the shape. This is what the machine will use to cut the image.
    10. Clean up the red cutting lines by clicking on the cutting line shape and choosing Object > Release Compound Path from the menu bar.
    Doing this makes each of the red lines a separate entity, so that you can select and delete one of the red lines if you like. You’ll want to do this if the trace has made a hollow spot that you’d like filled.

    The final step is to send the file to the Silhouette for cutting by selecting File > Send to Silhouette.