• How to Use Photoshop Brushes with the Silhouette Machine

    Our last two tips showed you how to load and use cutting files in the Silhouette Software. You know how to load SVG and PNG images. Here’s how to cut Photoshop Brushes (ABR) files.

    Designer Digitals brushes come with PNG versions of each brush image, but if you’ve misplaced your brush images or have brushes that came without a preview, use this technique to convert them to usable files in Silhouette.

    Begin by opening a 2700-pixel square document in Photoshop or Elements. Use a resolution of 300 ppi and select “transparent” background.

    Load your brush into the software by selecting Edit > Preset Manager.
    Choose “Preset type: Brushes” and then click “Load.” In PSE11, choose Add.
    Locate your ABR brush file, select it and click “Load.” The brush will populate at the bottom of the brush panel. Click “Done.”
    Now change the foreground color to black by pressing D on your keyboard.
    Get the Brush tool by pressing B on your keyboard.
    From the Options bar, choose the brush you loaded in the software. It will be at the bottom of the brush picker if you have just loaded it.

    Increase the brush size to the largest size possible and click once on your new document to “stamp” the image in black.

    Now choose File > Save As. Choose a location to save the image by navigating the “Save in” box.
    Give the image a name and choose PNG from the format drop-down menu. Click “Save.”

    This saves the image as a PNG image which can be used in your Silhouette software or other cutting machine software. See How to Load Cutting Files Into the Silhouette Studio [Video] to load and use the PNG.