• How to Resize and Cut Multiple Images With the Silhouette

    After you have downloaded your digital cutting files, you’ll probably want to arrange several items on one page before cutting the cardstock. This will save you both in terms of time and the cost of the cardstock. Here’s how:

    If you have added the files to your library, open the Silhouette software and click the Show Library icon on the left. Select the folder that contains your downloaded images. Double click on one of the images you want to cut.

    This will open the image on a cutting sheet. Click on the Show Library again and double-click another image you want to cut. Now both images will be on the same cutting page.

    Click to select one of the images. When it is selected, a bounding box surrounds it. Now you can drag the image to a corner of the page. Drag the other image next to the first.

    Continue adding and moving images to your page.

    If the image is not in your library, click the Open icon at the top left corner. Use the Look in box to browse your computer for the downloaded files. Select the type of file by using the drop-down menu at the bottom of the dialog box. Select the image and click OK.

    This will open the image on its own page.

    Repeat this process to open all of the images you want to cut.

    Click one of the opened images and choose Edit >Copy or Ctrl C (Mac: Cmd C.)

    At the bottom of the screen, click the first tab.

    Choose Edit > Paste or Ctrl V (Mac: Cmd V.) This pastes the copied image onto your open document. Click and drag the image into place.

    Click another tab to copy and paste another image onto your document.

    Clicking to select an image on the page gives you a bounding box which tells you the dimensions. To resize, click and drag a corner until you reach the size you want to cut. The new dimensions are displayed in real time as you click and drag.

    To turn an image, click the green handle and drag the image into place. This can help you fit more on the page before printing.

    Finish by tracing the images and sending the page to the cutting machine. See our videos on using cutting files for step-by-step instructions on loading cutting files and SVG images into the software.