• Doomed to Repeat History in Photoshop and PSE

    If you are like me, the Undo function is one of your favorite Photoshop features. As Iím working on a project, I sometimes create a mess of such proportions that it requires reverting back several history states. In Photoshop Elements, you can press Ctrl+Z (Mac: Cmd+Z) again and again to step backwards in your Undo History.

    But in Photoshop, Ctrl+Z works only once. To revert backwards in Photoshopís Undo History, press Ctrl+Alt+Z (Mac: Cmd+Opt+Z) again and again until you reach the history state you want.

    And for those of us who are fickle, pressing Ctrl+Shift+Z (Mac: Cmd+Shift+Z) will take you forward in Photoshop history states again, redoing what youíve undone! Ctrl+Y (Mac: Cmd+Y) will move forward through Photoshop Elementís undo history.