• Now You See It, Now You Dont in Photoshop and PSE

    Have you ever seen the Masked Magician? Hes an illusionist who reveals the secrets behind common magic tricks. I am fascinated by his act and I like to think hed be impressed by the disappearing act well reveal in this weeks tip!

    When you want to create digital vellum, you reduce the opacity of the layer. The most common way to do this is to use the Opacity slider at the top right of the Layers Palette. But did you know that the numbers on your keyboard can also be used to reduce opacity? Try it!

    Pressing the number 1 reduces the opacity to 10% of the original! Number 2 reduces the opacity to 20%, etc. Press 25 to reduce the opacity 25% and 75 to achieve 75% opacity.

    This trick works with every single-digit number and double-digit number even 0. Pressing 0 takes you back to 100% - Presto!