• Grouping Photos Within a Circle in Photoshop and PSE

    This week’s tip is the seventh in a series of video tips on using shapes to create interesting accents for your digital projects. It has been fun exploring different ways to display photos and patterned papers on digital projects. This week’s tip puts a little twist on grouping elements together on a digital project by placing all of the photos and papers within a circle.

    Get started by opening a new document in Photoshop or Elements. Set the Foreground color to a color that contrasts with your background.

    Get the Ellipse tool and make your choices in the Options bar. Select the Create a New Shape Layer icon. In the full version of Photoshop, also select the Shape Layers icon, then Shift, click and drag out a circle on your document. With the Shift and click buttons still depressed, hold down the spacebar to position the circle.

    To make the circle editable, choose Layer > Rasterize > Layer in Photoshop or Layer > Simplify Layer in Elements.

    Next, get the Custom Shape tool and choose the grid from the default shapes. Shift, click and drag out a grid that covers your circle.

    Use the spacebar to position the grid over the circle.

    Ctrl click (Mac: Cmd Click) the thumbnail of the grid in the Layers panel to select it.

    Target the circle layer and press Delete or Backspace on your keyboard. This cuts your circle into 9 sections. Press Ctrl D (Mac: Cmd D) to remove the selection, then delete the grid layer by dragging it to the trash bin in the Layers Panel.

    To fill each section with a photo or paper, get the Magic Wand tool. In the Options Bar across the top of the screen, click Contiguous. Select the circle layer in the Layers Panel. Click on the section you want to fill. Marching ants will surround the section. In Elements, click the Create a New Layer icon before continuing to the next step.

    Now open a photo you’d like to use to fill the circle. Press Ctrl A (Mac: Cmd A) Ctrl C (Mac: Cmd C) to select all and copy the photo.

    Now click the title bar of the circle document and use the "Paste Into" function by pressing Shift Ctrl V (Mac: Shift Cmd V) to paste the photo into the selection. In Photoshop CS5, the shortcut will be Alt Shift Ctrl V (Mac: Opt Shift Cmd V) instead.

    Reposition and resize the photo before clicking the checkmark to confirm the placement. Repeat the process to fill all of the sections of the circle. Add embellishments, journaling and a title to complete your page.

    Thanks for watching! Be sure to check back next week for the final video tip in our Shape Up! series.