• Aligning Alphabet Letters in Photoshop and PSE

    When you are adding individual alphabet letters to your scrapbook page, lining them up in a straight line can be a hassle. Fortunately, Photoshop and Elements have a handy feature that helps you line up your alphabet letters in a snap.

    Begin by opening all of your letters and a scrapbook page or new document in your software.
    Get the Move tool and drag the letters onto your page.
    Arrange the letters in order.
    Select all of the letters by clicking the top letter layer in the Layers Panel. Hold the Shift key and scroll down to click the bottom alpha layer. Now all of the alphabet letters will be highlighted.

    Next, double check to make sure you have the Move Tool selected.
    Look in the options bar for the Align icon. Choose Align > Bottom Edges.
    This will cause all of your letters to line up neatly.

    If you are using a letter with a tail like y, g, or p, you’ll need to tweak the alignment of that letter. Just drag it down so that the edge above the tail lines up with the other letters.
    To help, choose View > Rulers and click/drag a guide from the horizontal ruler down to the bottom of the letters. Line up the tailed letter with the guide.