• Adobe Photoshop Tips: Layers and Layers of Copies

    Do you catch yourself coming and going? Between work, ball games, helping the kids with homework, cooking, cleaning, volunteer work and scrapbooking, I sometimes think I need a copy of myself! You too?

    If life were as easy as Photoshop, wed be able to create a copy of ourselves in a snap!

    Here are three ways to create a copy of a layer in Photoshop and PSE in just a few clicks:

    Select a layer you want to copy. Locate the layer in the Layers Palette. Drag the layer to the Create a New Layer Icon above the Layers Palette in PSE or below the Layers Palette in PS. Photoshop will create a copy of the layer and place it directly on top of the original layer.

    Select the item you wish to copy. Press Ctrl + J (Mac Cmd + J) on your keyboard. Like Method 1, the software will create a duplicate copy on top of the original.

    This is my favorite method because it saves you a step. Select the Move Tool. Hold the Alt key (Mac: Opt) and drag the image where you want it to be on the page. Photoshop copies the layer as you drag it into place.