• Creative Ways to Add Text to Photos in Photoshop and PSE

    Adding text to photos before printing is a great way to add interest to pages, whether you are a digital scrapbook artist, a traditional scrapbooker or a hybrid project designer. This week’s tip will show you three ways to use your favorite fonts to place text on your photos.

    Begin by opening a new document or digital scrapbook page in Photoshop or Elements. Create the document in the size you’d like to print at 300 ppi.

    Open a digital photo. Use the Move tool to drag the photo onto your new document.

    Get the Horizontal Type tool.

    Choose a font name, style, and size in the Options Bar across the top of the editing window.

    Select a color that contrasts with the background of your photo by clicking the color chip in the Options bar. This activates the color picker. Move your cursor outside of the color picker. This causes the cursor to transform into the Eyedropper tool. Click anywhere on your photo to suck up the color you want to use and click OK.

    Click on the photo and type your message.

    Confirm the type by clicking the checkmark in the Options Bar (PS) or below the text (PSE.)

    Select File > Print to print the photo as it is or use one of these variations before printing:

    Variation: On a photo with a dark background, you can make your text look like a vellum overlay. Use white or a light color to create the text. Select the text layer, then move the Opacity Slider at the top of the Layers panel to the left. This will allow the background to show through the type for a more subtle effect.

    Variation: Use blending modes to blend the text into your photo. Click on the text layer and return the opacity to 100%. Click the blending modes drop-down menu above the layers panel. It is set to “Normal” by default. Click the word “Normal” to highlight it, then use your Down Arrow key to scroll through the blending modes. You’ll see the text change on your photo as you click through the modes as long as mode name is highlighted. Use the Up Arrow key to go back up through the blending modes. Stop when you find a blending mode that is pleasing. This is another way to make the text effect more subtle.

    Variation: To change the color of your text, double-click the T icon on the left side of your text layer in the Layers panel. This highlights the text. Now click the color chip in the Options bar and choose a new color. Click OK and then tick the checkmark to confirm the change. You can change the font name, style and size using the same method.

    When you are satisfied with your text, save a copy of the layered file as a TIFF or PSD to preserve the ability to change the type later.