• Creating Shapes That Look Hand Cut in Photoshop and PSE

    This week, we’ll continue our series of video tips that will show you how to work with shapes to create interesting accents for your digital projects. We are celebrating the perfectly imperfect with shapes that are not quite square or not quite round – shapes that look like you cut them out with scissors.

    To create a shape, begin by opening a new document or layout in Photoshop or Elements. Set the Foreground color to a color that contrasts with your background.

    Create a new transparent layer by clicking the Create a New Layer icon in the Layers Panel, then get the Polygonal Lasso tool. Click and hold the Lasso tool to reveal the tools beneath it and then scroll down to the Polygonal Lasso tool.

    Set the Feather to 0 and choose the New Selection icon in the Options bar.

    Click four times on your new document to create the four corners of your shape and then double-click to close the shape.

    Get the Paint bucket tool and click inside your shape to fill it with color and then press Ctrl D (Mac: Cmd D) to remove the selection.

    Use your new shape as a clipping mask to make a photo or digital paper look hand cut. Just position your photo or paper one position above the shape in the Layers Panel. Alt click (Mac: Opt Click) between the photo layer and the shape layer to digitally “glue” them together.

    Create a number of these to put together a layout that has a handcrafted look. This is a great way to use the digital papers you purchase.

    To make your shapes look even less perfect in the full version of Photoshop, select the shape layer and choose Edit > Transform > Warp. This places a grid around your selected layer. Use the handles to drag out the sides of your shape and then click the checkmark in the Options bar to confirm the warp. Put together a fun layout by filling your document with these imperfect shapes.