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  • Can I use your brushes in Paint Shop Pro?

    Yes! There are two ways you use Designer Digitals brush files in Paint Shop Pro:
    1. Use the .png images included with Designer Digitals brush sets
    2. Convert the .png images to PSP brushes

    Here are directions for both methods (tested in Corel Paint Shop Pro Ultimate Photo x2)

    How to use the .png image:

    1. Download the brush file and unzip it.
    2. Open PSP. From PSP, select File > Open.
    3. From the Look in: bar, click on the down-facing arrow.
    Browse your computer to find the unzipped folder containing the swirls.
    4. Our designers include .png images with the .abr brush files.
    Locate the .png file you want to use and click on it.
    5. Click on "open."
    This brings the image into PSP with a grey/white checkerboard background.
    The checkerboard background indicates that area of the image is transparent.
    6. Select Edit > Copy to copy the image.
    7. Open a new document or a scrapbook page (File > Open.)
    8. Select Edit > Paste as New Layer.

    How to convert the .png images to a PSP brush:

    1. Follow steps 1-6 above.
    2. Select Image > Resize. This activates the Resize dialog box. Locate the Pixel Dimensions box - it is the lower box. Click the down-facing arrow next to the word "percent" and select "pixels" instead.
    In the boxes under the word "New" check to see if either of the dimensions exceed 999 px. If they do, change the largest dimension to 999 px. That is the largest size that Paint Shop Pro brushes can be created.
    Be sure to keep the aspect ratio locked (the lock symbol.)
    3. Select File > Export > Custom Brush. This activates the "Create Brush Tip" dialog box. Name the brush and enter the author, copyright and description information. Do not change the Variance or Step.
    4. Click "Edit Paths" to activate the File Locations dialog box. Select Type: Brushes. Under Brush File Folder, select the default PSP Brush folder. Click OK.
    5. This takes you back to the Create Brush Tip dialog box. Click OK.
    6. To use the brush, get the Paint Brush tool.
    7. In the Options bar, click the drop-down menu next to the brush shape preview. Select Category: All and scroll down to locate your new brush. Click on the brush to select it and click OK.
    8. You can change the color (and other properties) of the brush by clicking the colors in the Materials Palette.