• I purchased some overlays and templates. How can I print a copy of each page so that I can add photos and journaling later?

    If you just want to print the pages, you can use any graphics editing program or even a Word processor like Microsoft Word to create the document to print.

    In Word:
    First make sure that you have unzipped the file that you downloaded. Make a note of the location of the unzipped files.
    In Word, open a new document the size of your choice. Select Insert | Picture | From file. Browse your computer for the unzipped overlays and
    click Insert. You can resize the overlay by dragging the corners.

    In Photoshop or PSE:
    To use a graphics editing program, make a new document the size of your choice. Give it a white background, RGB mode at 300 ppi.
    In Photoshop and Photoshop elements, select File | Open and browse your computer for the unzipped overlays. You can press the Ctrl (Mac: Cmd) Key to select more than one overlay at a time. This brings the overlay into your editing window.

    Get the Move Tool. If you are using PSE6 or PSE7 you'll need to double-click on the overlay at this point to make it active (which makes it the large preview in the editing window.) Now click and drag the overlay onto the background paper in the photo bin (or onto your background layer if you are in Photoshop.)
    Select File | Print to enter the print wizard and complete the project.