• What is the Store Product Link Spreadsheet and how do I find it and use it?

    The Store Product Link Spreadsheet provides an easy way for you to "hot link" to items in the store when you post your supply list with your layouts. It's just another quick and easy way to help our viewers find the great DD products we use! The link will download a zip file that will need to be extracted. This contains an Excel spreadsheet of all the items in the store. The spreadsheet contains several columns (Item, Model, Designer and link).
    Note: If you don't have Excel you can use OpenOffice (free) to open it.

    Here are Grandma Lynnie's directions for using this spreadsheet:

    When you go to upload your layout, while you have the upload page open, also open the spread sheet in Excel. Press CTRL+F (Mac: Cmd+F) and type in what you are looking for. This will take you to the row with the item you want to hot link. Go to the cell with the URL link. Press CTRL+C (Mac: Cmd+C.) Then go back to the upload page and press CTRL+V (Mac: Cmd+V.) This will paste the link right into the upload box. If you have multiple links to add, just go back and forth copying and pasting.

    When you get the product cell and have it ready to paste, just go to your layout description and paste it in. It will be a hotlink to the item and will appear as the bold and underlined name of that item. When I do this, I wait till after my layout description, then type Supply List. Under that I list the designers name. Under that, I paste the link for each product I have used by that designer. I find this the easiest and clearest way to do it.

    It will look something like this, if you post this way:
    Supply list, from Designer Digitals:

    By Lynn Grieveson:
    Fine Line Brushes
    By Pattie Knox:
    Text Bytes-Shaped Text Templates 06
    Absolutely Acrylic Pastel Tinted Buttons-n-Ties
    By Katie Pertiet:
    Alpha from Oak Valley kit
    Bracketed Masks brushes and stamps