• What are your gallery rules and guidelines?

    Welcome to the DesignerDigitals community! Please feel free to post your pages using any DesignerDigitals products in our gallery! We'd love to see what you are creating!

    In the DesignerDigitals gallery we have gone to an earned posting process which does not flip like a switch so Katie or Randy might need to check your status. Basically if you are not posting with DesignerDigitals products or very rarely then you are allowed 1 layout post per day, no PM abilities and no forum signature will be displayed. Additionally if you are posting pages as a CT for another designer you will also become restricted in your posting and benefits.

    If you are posting with DesignerDigitals products for the most part you are allowed 3 layout posts per 24 hour period and if you have been posting with only DesignerDigitals products for a LONG TIME [without posting promotions for other sites] then you are allowed 8 posts per 24 hour period.

    We DO allow layouts with other designer's products as long as the page use some DesignerDigitals products somewhere in the layout! Please be sure to credit other designers but Do NOT include links to outside domains.

    Using DesignerDigitals PM system to market your business will result in suspension of PM privileges as we do not tolerate advertising on our site.

    ***PLEASE NOTE***
    Blatant advertising is not allowed or appreciated on our site. You may credit designers in other stores but things such as "coming Friday", "NEW TODAY", "a must-have", "FREE with $10 purchase", "on sale today only" etc are NOT allowed. Please respect our terms of use if you would like to continue to post in our gallery which is meant to showcase DesignerDigitals products, NOT for other designers and their creative teams to sell their products in our gallery.

    Repeating store designer names over & over again is a form of advertising and will not be tolerated.

    Please do not include blinkies or links in your signatures to other designer's websites and/or stores.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    A few bad apples can spoil the whole barrel and I hope that we are not brought to a point of making our gallery exclusive to our products. PLEASE respect our terms or action will be taken. Thank you for understanding.