• Multidimensional Titles in Photoshop and PSE

    Using shadows creatively with alphabet sets, you can make titles that look so realistic, they fool the eye. By simply tweaking the shadows to create the illusion of staggered heights, you’ll add punch to your digital projects. Here’s how:

    Open a new document or a background paper and your title letters.
    Use the Move tool to drag the title letters onto your new document and arrange them in order.
    Select the first letter.

    In Photoshop:
    Move your cursor to the Layers panel. Double-click a layer outside of the layer name.
    This brings up the Layer Styles dialog box.
    Tick the Drop Shadow box and click the Drop Shadow bar to activate the Drop Shadow options dialog.
    Adjust the distance, opacity and size, making a note of your settings. With the dialog box open, you can also drag the shadow to move it. Click OK.

    In Elements:
    Open the Effects Panel. Click the Layer Styles icon. Choose Drop Shadows from the drop-down menu. Double-click the style labeled Low.
    You’ll see an fx icon appear on the right side of the alpha layer.
    Double-click this icon to open the Style Settings dialog box.
    Adjust the size, distance and opacity using the sliders, making a note of your setting choices.
    Click OK.

    Select the next letter. Adjust the drop shadow using the same opacity and angle, but changing the size and distance.
    Repeat for the remaining letters, alternating between higher and lower shadows.
    Your title will be more dimensional – appearing as though some letters are applied to the page with dimensional dots.

    This is a fun way to add interest to your titles.