Story Scrapbook Challenge

This month I’m putting out a challenge on courage, bravery and faith. When have you had to muster up these three attributes? And when we think of courage, bravery and faith we instantly think grand things, huge things, momentous times. It doesn’t need us to be in the depth of despair to call on these characteristics. It is all relevant to you.

Perhaps the first time you drove after an accident, or rode a horse after a fall, that takes bravery. To stand up on stage and make a speech, to walk into a crowded room knowing no one at all, that takes courage. To sit at the bedside of a sick or injured person, to call on prayer, that takes faith.

To sign the paperwork of your first mortgage takes courage, it’s a huge investment in yourself and the future. To have a baby takes faith, that you’ll be a great mother and your child will grow up to be a great adult. To be in an armed force and go into battle, that takes bravery.

See what I mean by it all being relevant to the person. I really hope you’ll join us for this challenge, and if you’ve come out the other side more courageous and confident than ever what a great end to this particular story.

The creative team have gone in all different directions, which is what the story challenge is all about, how the theme speaks to you, so here are some examples:

Uly (Maruma) our terrific Guest CT member has created a page where she has called on every single bit of bravery she has to fly for a kilometre along a zipline!  Is she crazy!!??  Nope, she’s just very very brave.  I bet she felt 6 foot tall after it.

Products Uly has used:  Plainly Woven Paper Pack No. 05,  Monochromatics Overlays No. 01,  Watery Photo Masks No. 12,  Poly Photo Frames No. 01,  Color Me Happy Element Pack.

Linda, oh Linda, how many of us will be nodding our heads with you.  Making decisions for our parents, when did the child become the parent?  It’s a tough tough gig, and I’m so glad you had your faith with every decision you made.  You did good.

Supplies Linda has used:  Layer Works No. 1156,  Farmhouse Christmas Solids Paper Pack,  Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 04,  Stamped Stitched Corners No. 01 Brushes and Stamps,  Plainly Woven Paper Pack No. 05,  Drop Shadow Styles No. 02.

And then for my page I started thinking what on earth did I decide on this as a story challenge, I started a page, I ended up deleting it and then this one just flowed.  A story of a lump.

Supplies I have used:  Lightly Linens Paper Pack No. 16,  Page Fades Clipping Masks No. 01,  Twisted Dots No. 01,  Lifted Wings No. 02.

The team at DD have generously provided a freebie to help you on your way, the link is good for the entire month of February. I hope the goodies inspire you. I am really looking forward to reading all the stories this month.

Post your pages in the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery and don’t forget when you use ALL DD product on your challenge page you should post a link of your page in the February Challenge Participation thread so that it will count toward your savings in the rewards program. Everyone’s a winner!

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