Story Scrapbook Challenge

Conversations!  Hey people are doing the story telling for you, this one should be easy, right?  We all have them, conversations that is, but there are some that stick in your mind long after the words have been uttered.

Have you been given some words of wisdom that have stuck with you and you live by?  Is there a conversation you recall where the words are imprinted on your heart?  Have words been uttered in haste and anger?  Is there a cherished moment from a child where the innocence of what they have said just makes you melt?

Perhaps words from the Bible that flow deep for you.  Conversations in prayer.  Conversations over the dinner table.  Do you have a speech from a wedding you might like to relate, what an awesome page that would make.

Are there conversations you wish you had had with relatives long since passed, maybe have that conversation now.

And when all else fails go to trust FB and there’s stories everywhere.  That’s where I get a lot of my fodder from for the grandchildren’s albums.  Or open your phone and grab a text conversation with someone.  I’m sure you’ll have some pearlers that are worthy of creating a page for.

The creative team have jumped on board with some terrific example pages:

So excited that Guest CT Shannon played along.  How very special, father and son time.  I guess what happens on the hike stays on the hike, but I bet these two have solved the problems of the world with the conversations they have had.

Products Shannon has used:  Big Picture Layered Templates No. 06,  Tightly Kerned Titles Brushes and Stamps No. 05,  Watery Foliage No. 21.

Another of our Guest CT members Grace, has created a page that is so worth remembering, her son’s first words and then later his appreciation for spending some quality gym time together.  I love it.

Products Grace has used:  Graphed Notebook December Paper Pack,  Simple Life 12×12 Layered Template Scrap Pack No. 01,  Scrolling thru Fall Brushes and Stamps No. 02,   On the Edge Flourishes No. 11 Brushes and Stamps,   Torn Templates No. 03Lightly Linens Paper Pack No. 05.

Chrissy, oh Chrissy, what a ripper page she has created.   Messages by mobile phone, being connected with conversation whilst apart.  And gosh I do love seeing the DD children growing up on the pages created by their parents.

Items used by Chrissy:  Bliss Scrapbook BundleSpill Frame Layers No. 14;  Inked Talk Bubbles Brushes and Templates No. 01;  Vintage Journal Spots No. 04;  Wood Veneer Symbology No. 01;  Symbology Linen Buttons No. 01;  Kotteder Kit.

For my page, FB becomes a great source for entertaining pages of my grandson, this conversation related by his mother.  Really you can’t argue with a 5 year old’s logic can you?  

Supplies I have used:  Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 02,  December Stories Roughed Up Pocket Cards,  Loosely Labeled Dates No. 04,  Looping Lines Brushes and Stamps No. 01,  Edge Overlays No. 04,  Flair Minis No. 01.

The team at DD have generously provided a freebie to help you on your way, the link is good for the entire month of August.  I hope the goodies inspire you.   I am really looking forward to being a part of your conversations.  You don’t mind me listening in do you!!?? 🙂

Post your pages in the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery and don’t forget when you use ALL DD product on your challenge page you should post a link of your page in the August Challenge Participation thread so that it will count toward your savings in the rewards program.  Everyone’s a winner!

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