Story Scrapbook Challenge

An-ti-ci-p-p-p-pation!!!  Oh okay we’re not going down the Dr. Frank ‘n furter path here, I promise.  This month I want you to tell a story about Anticipation.    Sometimes the build up to an event can be nerve-wracking.  Sometimes exciting.  Sometimes downright exhausting.  Counting down the days.

The days leading up to the first day of school for your little ones – has there been tears, has there been excitement in the anticipation of that first day?   Being on a weight loss and fitness regime can be such a slow process but there’s always that anticipation when we step on the scales each week and then when we finally get to our goal.   Are you prepping for an important meeting, a bundle of nerves, anticipating a grilling you’ll be getting putting your point across?

There’s the anticipation of Christmas around the corner, whilst the children are excited putting their lists to Santa together are you dreading the thought of cooking for everyone, let alone where you’ll fit them?

Are you renovating and living through a construction zone anticipating that moment when the kitchen is done and you’re cooking at home?   Are you counting down the days excitedly for a wedding?  Are you counting down the days whilst your belly gets bigger waiting for your baby to arrive?

We anticipate moments every single day, some big, some small, some exciting, some dreadful.  This is a story I want you to tell us this month.

So I’ve created a page with my grandson who had been anticipating the big day for Christmas, it’s huge when you’re only three!  And this was the end result.  A boy who slept through half the day exhausted.

Supplies I have used:   Seasons Sparkles Scrapbook Kit,  Seasons Sparkles Solids Paper Pack,  Seasons Sparkles Add-On Paper Pack,  Watery Grids Brushes and Stamps No. 01

The team at DD have generously provided a freebie to help you on your way, the link is good for the entire month of November.  I hope the goodies inspire you.   I am really looking forward to reading your stories.

Post your pages in the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery and don’t forget when you use ALL DD product on your challenge page you should post a link of your page in the November Challenge Participation thread so that it will count toward your savings in the rewards program.  Everyone’s a winner!

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