Project Life: Using Your Camera Phone

Isn’t technology awesome? When I look through my Project Life pages I’m amazed at how many of the photos were taken with our cell phones. Although camera phones don’t always give us the greatest quality photo they are incredibly convenient and look fine at 4 x 6. It’s nice to be able to grab it and quickly get the shot that otherwise would have been missed because the DSLR was left at home. All the photos on these pages were taken and processed with my iphone.
Week 14

week-14-pg-1I also use my phone to do a screen capture of the weather by holding down the power button and home button at the same time.
Week 12

week-12-pg-1My two favorite apps for processing photos are Instagram and Camera+. I also enjoy using the Pici Booth app to make a film strip of photos. It’s fun to layer them on journal cards and then add embellishments.

project-life-blog-5-1-1A few of my current go to products for Project Life:

project-life-blog-5-1-2Check Cards No. 01
Days of the Week Journalers No. 02
Sure Shots Brushes and Stamps
Random Fact Journal Cards
I hope this encourages you to not stress out the next time you go out without your DSLR. It can be fun taking photos with your phone. If you want some more Project Life inspiration check out the gallery here.
-Lisa Pate

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