Playing With Paper Scrapbooking Challenge

Who is ready to begin this Monday with a great new challenge? I am so excited about this challenge because I have always had a crush on patterned paper. Paper is the heart and soul of scrapbooking. There are so many different looks that we can achieve with the use of patterned paper. For this challenge, we are asking that scrappers use 3 types of patterned paper and they all begin with the letter S. Striped, Spotted, and Subtle. Please enjoy this freebie pack to use with this challenge or venture out into your own Designer Digitals stash. There are also some wonderful new paper packs coming to the store this week for a sale. This would be a great time to add to your patterned paper collection.

Here are the details :

  1. Create a layout using three different types of patterned paper including stripes, spots, and a subtle pattern.
  2. Post your page in the Weekly Challenge Gallery by 11pm (EST) on Saturday, April 20th and you will be entered in the random drawing to win a $5 Designer Digitals gift certificate. Please put “Playing With Paper” in your title or description so I don’t miss your page! The winner will be announced on Sunday, April 21st.

If you need some inspiration for the challenge, take a look at how three Creative Team Members used stripes, spots, and a subtle pattern on their pages.

Merr (digigrandma) created this delightful page about her sweet Teddy. I love how she used the spotted paper as a border, the subtle paper as her foundation, and the striped paper as an accent.

paperchallenge_edited-2700resizeMerr used items from the following kits: Far Away Fairy Land Paper Pack, Winter Woods Kit, Little Nutcracker Paper Pack, Sweet Rose Bay Element Pack, Hey Missy Element Pack, Mists Brushes and Stamps No.1, Photo Clusters No.9, Jessie Kit, Amuse Me Alpha Red, and Messy Love Lines

Nancy Beck created this striking page about a boy and his dog. I really like the striped and spotted papers over on the right side adding such charm to this beautiful page!

A-Boy-and-His-DogresizeNancy used items from the following kits: Striping Masks No.2, Carte Post Kit, Paper Reveals No.2, Seaside Papers, Fred the Fox Kit, Taped Together Overlays No.1,
Botanis Notebook No.25, Watery Bookshelf Dots No.1, Candid Kit, Clean Stitched Borders Brown No.1, Terra Botanica Kit, Crowning Affair Understated, L Automne

I used my striped, spotted, and subtle patterned paper with a Layer Works template. I took this photo of my son just a few days before his bike wreck where we had to make a trip to the ER. He received 3 staples in is head, but is doing just fine. I look forward to seeing a striped, a spotted, and a subtle patterned paper on your next page!

life happens web resize

The following items were used on my page: Layer Works No. 304, Far Away Fairy Land Paper Pack, Red-Black-and Creme Kit, Jessie Kit, Winter Woods Kit, Carded Stacked Frames, Malabar Kit, Hinge Pack

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  1. crystalnva says:

    THANK YOU ;~}

    • crystalnva says:

      P.S. forgot to mention how cute your son is & that your LO is sweet.Sorry `bout the ER & staples but a very happy congrats on it being “just” staples ;~}

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