Let’s Blend Challenge – Blending With Vintage Mini Mix Kits

Katie has been creating these wonderful Vintage Mini Mix Kits, with lovely coordinating papers and elements and I thought, why not use them for one of our challenges.  I worked with one specific kit, but you can apply any of the ideas here to any or all of the kits.

For my first page, I clipped my photo to a mask and placed it in the center of the paper and changed the blend mode of the mask to hard light. I then began playing with the elements and created a little cluster at the top of the page.

Products used: Vintage Mini Mix No. 3, Twisted Dots No. 1, Watery Washes No. 4 Brushes and Stamps, Taped Together Overlays No. 3, The Birds Brushes and Stamps

My second page does not include a photo at all. I used two papers in the kit, one as the base and then the other on top of it. On the top paper, I added an inverted layer mask and then blended in only the portions of the paper I wanted to see, and then changed the blend mode to multiply. I then added one of Katie’s Archiblend Clusters (which I love), and played with the page from there. After the page was just how I liked it, I saved it as a psd and a jpeg. I then took the jpeg and place it at the top of the layers panel of my psd file. I then went into the filter gallery and applied the Note Paper filter to it, changed the blend mode to Multiply and reduced the opacity to 33%. What this does is gives the whole piece some dimension and texture. Depending on your page, the opacity and blend mode could be different, so just play around a bit.

Products used: Vintage Mini Mix No. 3, Archiblend Clusters Stamps and Layers No. 2, Canvas Colors No. 25,


Remember to post your pages in the Mask Appeal Challenge Gallery and don’t forget to use ALL DD products, along with all or part of the freebie, Katie has provided on your challenge page. You should post a link of your page in the August Challenge Participation Thread so that it will count  toward your savings in the rewards program. Have fun!

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