Katie x 2 template challenge

Good morning everyone! Ready for a challenge?? I have a really hard time choosing templates for the template challenges!! So this time, I gave myself rules to choose by. The templates had to both be Katie’s templates. Then I gave myself a year – 2014 – and then I told myself that the templates had to have been released to the store on the same day. And this is what I found . . .

Katie’s Best Smile Template

and her Choose Happiness Template

Both templates were released on the 22nd of May in 2014.

SO . . . I had followed my rules, but would the mash-up work? Well, I thought the titles were interchangeable, and maybe all those gorgeous masks and brushes in the Choose Happiness Template would make a good photo background? As I started to work, I loved the way my background started to come together as I recoloured the brushes and masks with colours I took from the photo with the eye drop tool. But then . . . what to use from the Best Smile Template? I’m not going to pretend otherwise – this is when it got to be a real challenge for me. I moved things around a lot until it all just seemed to fall into place at last, and I’m really happy with the result.

I added in a couple of elements from the Color Essentials Mango Bundle (I love these bundles and I’m SO excited for the Pinks coming soon!!), recoloured some template elements and I was done!

I hope you’ll join me in mashing up these two gorgeous templates – will it be as challenging for you as it was for me or will it just be “easy peasy, cold and freezy, lemon squeezy, toasted cheesy” (sorry – elementary school teacher)?

If you don’t have Katie’s Best Smile & Choose Happiness templates in your stash, check out this week’s Thrifty Thursday sale šŸ™‚

If you choose to participate, your layout can earn you credit in our rewards program. All of the details are in the August Challenge Participation Sign-in thread. Please share your pages by posting them in the Template Challenge Gallery. I look forward to seeing what you create! Happy scrapping everyone!

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