June Template Challenge – straight up and down

Good morning all,
It’s a rather crisp winter’s day here in this part of the world, although most of you will be enjoying the first days of Summer!
I’ve wanted to scrap some Easter photos of my son and his boys at a spectacularly beautiful spot in the south of Western Australia. Very beautiful, but rather dangerous! My poor daughter-in-law thought they were all going to get washed off the rocks at one point!
Scrolling through the templates in the shop, I came across Katie’s Moments of Memories template:

I really like the strong vertical line created by the Ephemera Strip Stamp and the ‘sideways’ title, and the spots for 2 photos really suited the photos I wanted to use!
I then looked for a Layer Works template that I thought would work nicely with it. I chose Layer Works No. 871. It has, of course, lots of layers and lots of elements, gives the choice of a painted background with several lovely brushes as well.

I had a great time mashing these two templates together and ended up with this page:

As you can see, starting with Katie’s template, I changed up the colour of the Ephemera Strip Stamp and the title to suit my photos, deleted the butterflies and pulled in lots of the layers and elements from the Layer Works template. Because I wanted to use a light background, I changed the blending modes that Kayleigh used on many of her layers. Lots to play with!
I hope you have two or three photos that will suit a combo of these two templates – make it as simple or as embellished as you like. If you don’t have Katie’s Moments of Memories template or Layer Works 871 in your stash, watch out for this week’s Thrifty Thursday Sale!
If you do participate, your layout can earn you credit in our rewards program. All of the details are in the June Challenge Participation Sign-in Thread. Please share your pages by posting them in the Template Challenge Gallery. I look forward to seeing what you create! Happy scrapping everyone!

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