iTunes Inspiration Scrapbook Challenge

Running a little late but finally; here is the iTunes Inspiration for May.
Lately a lot of cd artwork has been the same old, same old; a photo of the artist and a title. Nothing wow, nothing dynamic and nothing worth scrapbooking.

So I was rather delighted to find this gem amongst my own personal music collection during a recent iTunes tidy up!

Here is this months starting point –




And Katie has provided what seems pretty useful for this challenge – a wooden alphabet 🙂


Take  look at what the brilliant Creative Team have come up with;

Mugsbigsis never fails to come up with pages worth of a magazine spread, and this is no exception. LOVE it and it made me chuckle…



Lizj made this page, which is just wonderful use of the big title idea. Brilliantly creative – the photo and the layout.



Beehive50 has done the ’empty your head on a page’ layout that I just love. A to-do list. Its not only wonderful scrap therapy, its done in such gorgeous way it looks like framable art!




My own page is making use of a photo I wanted to keep really large.  And allowing me to make a simple looking page, that is still arty enough for my liking 🙂




I hope we have jumpstarted a few ideas for you, and that you join in the challenge! Cant wait to see your pages. Please post them in the iTunes gallery right here. See you in June 🙂


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