iTunes Cover Scrapbook Challenge

Hello! Katie here with the latest iTunes Challenge!

I chose this fun, patchwork style cover, by Gotye, that immediately reminded me of the Patchwork Layered Templates and the Patchwork Pocket Cards!


And to help inspire everyone I’ve create 3 new Patchwork Pocket Card Templates!


The team went to town with the inspiration and the freebie and I love the variety in the results! A great reminder that to take inspiration from a piece doesn’t need to be literal. You can be inspired by the colors, the composition or even just the mood and use that as a jumping off point to see where it takes you!

I adore where Chrissy went with her page.
The ombre effect in her blocks and the blending in of photos is stellar!


I was more minimal in my approach using a single card
and adding in some frames and patterned papers!


Kelly let the mood of the cover guide her to this gorgeous page!


And Beckie opted for a no-photo page filled with journaling!


Same inspiration, 4 different scrappers and 4 very different results.

How does this piece inspire you?

Download the free pocket cards, create and share with us
in the iTunes Inspiration Gallery!

And, remember, the more you participate, the more rewards you reap!
Check out the Challenge rewards and share your creations and save!

Note: download links expire on May 31st

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