Heritage Challenge: You CAN Go Home Again

I hope you don’t mind, but this month’s Heritage Challenge is doing double duty for me! Over three years ago, I started a book of the homes I have lived in throughout my life. Somewhere along the way the book got stalled. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to finally finish my book. So this month’s Heritage Challenge is to scrap “home.” Maybe for you, as it is for me, home is a building or maybe the word home has another meeting for you—a town, a group, the place you work(ed) or even something else.
The word “home” calls forth many memories-memories of people, events, sounds and smells-stories that are waiting to be told. I had a lot to say as I told the story of my homes, so my pages have a lot of journalling. Maybe, like me, your story will be told with words. Or perhaps your story will be told through your pictures. However you choose to do it, I hope you will be inspired to scrap a layout about home.
I hope to soon have my book completed. Here is the latest 2 page addition to my Book of Homes, the first house that my husband and I bought in 1971:

westfield_part_1westfield_part2If you are interested, the other pages I have completed for my book can be seen here.
I hope my project has inspired you. However you choose to tell the story of one of the homes of your life, we would love for you to share in our Heritage Gallery! Hopefully my last pages will be there soon too!

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