Global Pandemic Free Digital Stamps

free digital stamps for scrapbooking

The world is in crisis and we are all trying to navigate this global pandemic we are experiencing. Since we are in the business of scrapbooking, we know, sad as it is, that you need free digital stamps like these to help you document your lives. Download here!

At DesignerDigitals, we are doing our part. We are self isolating and working remotely as we always do, the difference now is keeping morale up and creativity flowing as I’m sure many of you are struggling with the same challenges. In efforts to help our community, we hosted a crop last weekend with a free layered template and we will host another crop on Saturday, March 28th at 7pm EST in our forums with a free template as well as on Saturday April 4th. We hope you will join us and the community as we come together to overcome.

If you’re looking for more ways to document life’s current events, be sure to visit my personal blog to download another set of free stamps.

Let’s take this time to be positive, look at the bright side, try to enjoy our time at home and tackle documenting stories that have been put on hold while life was too busy. I’m looking at trying to wrap up some of my unfinished albums, how about you? You got this, right? Not going to let it all get the best of you, right?! Turn off the media and get scrapping!

Enjoy and we’ll see you at DesignerDigitals!

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6 Responses to Global Pandemic Free Digital Stamps

  1. DeLisa says:

    Thank you, Katie. We will get through this. Appreciate your encouragement and the upcoming crops will be great for us all, keep our minds off the news cycle. Smiles!

  2. Stacia says:

    Yes! I’m scanning photos and getting some of the details and stories behind the intriguing hints by emailing and calling loved ones. It gives us another little something to talk about besides the crisis and how difficult things are. Glad to have the DD family as another source of connection. Thank you for all you do, Katie!

    • Katie Pertiet says:

      Great to hear Stacia! A great way to help family and friends get their minds off all the craziness. We are grateful for you and all of our community, stay well!

  3. Lisa McGuinness says:

    Thank you Katie – we will get through this…. It is a bit frightening but on a positive note we are all connected via internet and our love of digital scrapbooking. Stay safe in the US.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Thanks so much!! Stay save!

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