Getting To Know You – Lynn Grieveson

Good morning everyone! It is my very great pleasure to introduce another of our talented designers today.


If you have never fallen in love with a Lynn Grieveson worn page or photo edge, then I can only say your life (at least the scrapping side of it), is severely lacking! Along with Katie’s vintage photo frames, Lynn’s worn edges were some of my first purchases at DD. Of course I’ve had plenty of time since to fall in love over and over again as she introduces each new kit (and there’s an absolutely scrumptious one coming this weekend)!  I did a little research and found that Lynn has previously been a journalist – so – I suggested that she could ask her own questions, but she just kind of ignored me on that one wink

Hello Lynn, thanks so much for joining us today, could you tell us a little about yourself and your journey from journalist to designer?

When I was a child I loved to draw and to write and illustrate books (just as my daughter does now). But I ended up following the writing path for a long time as a financial and political journalist. Discovering scrapbooking was a great way back into that creative side and the storytelling too. But I was always a little frustrated by the mess and the cost – and my own inability to cut a straight line and not get glue all over myself. So, nearly 9 years ago when we moved to New Zealand and I was stuck in a serviced apartment with a napping toddler and no scrapping supplies I began scrapping digitally. I’ve never looked back and haven’t scrapped a single paper page since. The move into design was very exciting and also allowed me to work from home and be with my youngest daughter who could not be in childcare.

Now I’m pretty sure you were around at the beginning of the digital scrapping revolution. How did you come to DD?

Katie and I were both very active at another scrapbooking site as some of the earliest digital scrapbookers sharing their work online. Not long after she started up Designer Digitals I was thrilled to get an email from her asking me to join her creative team. When I began selling my own designs I was initially based at another site but was honoured to be asked to became a DD Designer and it was like returning home. I love the community that we have here.

It is really amazing isn’t it? So – – – do you design the product you want to scrap with? Is that your chief inspiration? Where else do ideas come from? Especially patterns for paper – I love your tiny patterns and often wonder how these come to be!

If you look closely at my gallery you will probably see that, yes, a lot of the time I design kits inspired by my own photos. I have a huge “backlog” of photos to scrap and choosing one as the springboard for a kit is a fun way to design. But I also get a lot of inspiration from my overflowing collection of retro magazines, books and cards and from my own knowledge of retro design.

I’m wondering how it felt the first time you saw your designs on someone else’s layout? Were you thrilled – does it still give you a thrill?

It was a huge thrill and it remains so. I love seeing layouts in the gallery using my designs and it is wonderful to know that there are albums and photobooks out there created with the help of my own designs. It’s a big thing, and I never feel that I can make a comment in the gallery adequate enough to convey that.

It’s pretty cool for us to know that you feel that way, Lynn! What is your favourite out of all your product? Or which made you most satisfied?
The Pamela Kit has my favourite colours and retro florals and I love how it turned out.

I also really like scrapping with The Garden Mystery Kit

The Round Robin Kit I like, because I have a weakness for birds and for red and blue!

And I love the Belle Francaise Element Pack because it has such great memories of our wonderful trip to France.
The Garden Mystery Kit is one of my favourites too! I love seeing your pages in the gallery – how do you find the time to design and scrap – not to mention keeping a busy household on an even keel?

It is a fulltime job that’s for sure, although I try to find a little time for my other hobbies (family history and sometimes sewing for my daughter). I am a fairly fast scrapper nowadays and scrapping my girl’s albums is definitely a priority for me. And I usually have a pretty messy house and often a burned dinner!
I have a messy house without the excuse of being a designer! Do your girls love to read their scrapbooks?

They do. The youngest especially loves the travel albums and giggling over her favourite pages (we have lots of adventures and little disasters on our trips). They eldest says just knowing they exist makes her feel loved. They don’t spend as much time looking at them as I might like, but I think the value of the albums we create only gets greater with time.
I love that comment from your eldest! What about your gallery – which is your all time favourite LO?

Eeek! What an incredibly difficult question to answer!

Definitely one of my favourites is from that trip to France we took this year:


Oh beautiful – I love that photo of your DD and the gorgeous Garden Mystery Kit at work!

Lynn, on behalf of us all, thank you so much for your delightful designs and your encouraging comments on our work. In this month of gratitude, we are indeed grateful that you are part of our lives here at Designer Digital!
Thanks everyone, for popping in to ‘meet’ Lynn today – give yourself a treat and go have a browse through her amazing designs!

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