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Happy Tuesday everyone! Another Aussie for you to meet today – so if you’re not in Australia, you’ll have to imagine the two of us with our gorgeous, polished ‘strine’ accents. So . . . say g’day to the beautiful Jenelle.


She lives in Melbourne which I have to tell you is just the best city to go to for a little weekend of retail therapy!
OK, Jenelle, tell us little about yourself, and then I’ll fire away with a few questions for you.

Well, yes, I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I’m 37 years old. My husband and I have been together for 17 years (9 of those married) and we have 2 sons – Nick who is 6 and Corey who just turned 4. I am currently a stay-at-home mum, but in ‘my other life’ I am a school teacher. I also have a degree in Psychology – people and the human brain really fascinate me and I enjoy reading up on new research about our brain and all its intricacies. I enjoy learning new things myself, so I am quite passionate when it comes to teaching and hope that I can instill a lifelong love of learning in my students as well.

Travel has been a big highlight of my life so far. I lived in Thailand for 12 months as an exchange student when I was 18 and that was a wonderful experience. I could not speak one word of Thai when I arrived in Asia, but came home after the 12 months being able to speak quite fluently. I also came home with a great love of Thai food! It was difficult to find Thai ingredients here in Australia when I returned from exchange, but nowdays there seems to be a Thai restaurant on every corner in my neighbourhood and the supermarket stocks a lot of the ingredients now too!

I also spent a year living in the UK with my husband (we had a 12 month honeymoon really!). We lived and worked in London and took many opportunities to travel throughout Europe while we were there. It was another fantastic life experience for me and we both have some wonderful memories from that trip and subsequent trips we have made together. We thoroughly enjoyed our travels through the US and would love to return one day soon and we have also visited many parts of Asia, being one of Australia’s closest neighbouring regions. Our boys love looking at our photos and hearing the stories from our travels and I really hope that one day they will both experience the same adventures we did. At the moment we haven’t taken the boys overseas, but we do love travelling around Australia and going on camping holidays together. We love being in the great outdoors and with two little boys, I am certainly kept on my toes!**groan** another well travelled person for me to be jealous of!!!
You know, I’m always interested to hear about all the different reasons that people scrap – what about you? What led you to scrapping, and why do you do it?

When I was in Thailand I kept a daily journal, so I guess I have enjoyed memory keeping since I was a teenager. I have always enjoyed arts and crafts too and the combination of the two just evolved naturally I guess. I started out paper scrapping in 2001, when my husband and I first went on a trip overseas and came home with all these photos (pre-digital) and memorabilia from our trip. I made up a couple of albums ‘with all the trimmings’ (well, with the limited supplies we had available here in Australia then) and it took me ages to complete. I still enjoy looking back through them and pulling out all the ephemera I collected along the way! Then I paper-scrapped our wedding photos and our photos from our honeymoon travels. I still haven’t finished that album – I’m very good at starting new projects and not finishing many! My husband bought me my first digital camera for Mother’s Day just after Nick was born and I have been scrapping digitally since he was a toddler. I figured there had to be an easier way after Nick made a right old mess of all my paper supplies. Digi-scrapping was my saviour!
LOL, I think digi-scrapping may have saved the sanity of more than a few of us! I see you’re doing Project Life this year – can you tell us a bit about how it’s going so far? Are you using a particular template or layout – or are you just ‘going with the flow’?

Yes, this is my very first time doing Project Life and I have to say that I am so motivated and excited about the whole thing. Only 7 weeks in and I am continually flipping back looking at all these lovely memories I have documented already. Just the simple things, but they really make up the ‘whole’ don’t they? All the snippets and memorabilia of our daily life, looking so neat in those clear plastic pockets! When I have the album out on the kitchen table, the boys will walk past and then come back and have a flip through, reminiscing about the moments I’ve captured. And I LOVE the fact that I can just ‘go with the flow’ and do some things digitally or pull out my craft supplies and use them as well. Anything goes really and you can just make it work for you and your family. Nick even made a 12×12 paper page for me yesterday to slip into the folder and Corey asked for his drawings from kinder to go in too, so we are really getting into it as a family. LOVE that!

That’s very cool – I’ve noticed that many people are commenting about Project Life becoming a real family affair!
Tell us, how did you find Designer Digitals and can you remember the first thing you bought here? What was it? What’s the most recent purchase you made?

I found Designer Digitals when I was browsing some layouts in another gallery and I kept noticing all these lovely products from DD written up in the credits. Come to think of it, it was probably from Georgina’s (georgeinci) layouts in that gallery! So Georgina has been inspiring me right from the very beginning. I fell in love with DD supplies then and some of the first thing I bought were Lynn Grieveson’s Worn Page Edges No.2 and Ali Edwards’ Playing Hand drawn Words. I still use both these items on a regular basis! Of course, my wishlist is full to the brim at the moment, but with the recent quarterly sale I nabbed some bargains and added Katie Pertiet’s Pocket Cards: 2012 Rainbow Dates No.1 to my stash, as well as Ali’s This Day This Month Brushes and Stamps (well there were quite a few more things in my cart, but hubby might be reading this… ha ha!!)

We won’t tell, honest! Aside from your gorgeous family – what inspires you? Do you visit particular galleries at DD? Do you like to participate in challenges?

The gallery here at DD definitely inspires me, on a daily basis in fact. Hardly a day goes by where I haven’t ‘checked-in’ so to speak! So many talented scrappers here and I draw inspiration from everyone really. I do enjoy looking through the Show Us Your Favorites thread each week and participating in the challenges is always a great way to improve my skills. Saturday Scraplifts and the CT lifts are probably my favourite challenges as I always learn new techniques and styles from these.

What’s your ideal scrapping senario – place/time/drink/snack/music/company????

‘Ideal’ would be – home alone, any hour of the day, a hot latte on the desk alongside a block of chocolate, no background noise whatsoever, and having the company of the DD community members just a click of a mouse away on my super-speedy and top-of-the range computer (with the latest version of Photoshop loaded of course!)

‘Real’ scenario, however, is this :– Computer and Photoshop are finally fired up, YAY…. steal a quick moment to start scrapping…. boys start fighting in the background… get up and play referee… pick up toys on way through, sit back down at computer…. “Muuuuum” another fight or interruption… Corey wants help changing into another superhero costume….get back up… sort it out…whack on a load of washing on way through….sit back down… boys quiet…. computer frozen… aagghhh… do odd jobs while computer re-boots (boys playing beautifully then)… sit back down to Photoshop… scrapping away beautifully for the grand total of about 8 minutes…. “Muuuuummmmm”… Oh I just give up and scrap at night when the kids are in bed!

I am so glad that we got to talk to you today, Jennelle. Thank you from all of us here for your enthusiastic participation in our DD community. Here’s hoping for, if not some ‘ideal’ scrapping time, then a few early nights for your boys in the next little while!!

Thanks for joining us everyone, don’t forget to check out Jenelle’s lovely gallery!

Jenelle, do you have a favourite layout to leave us with?

My favourite layout is actually a page I did for the CT lift on you Sharon!

How great is that? I LOVE this page!


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