Get It Together – December Scrapbooking

There has been a lot of talk about Days of December/December Daily on the DD boards already. We are all obviously looking forward and thinking about it!
Are you making a December scrapbook? And if so how are you doing it?
Personally, Days of December has always been a sort of mini Project Life to me. It charts my days thro the month, documenting both the everyday and the festive. 
If you’re already doing project life however, this might not work for you. We have plenty of different format ideas smile 
The ladies here are a very talented bunch and we are here to inspire you!

You could –

If you are doing Project life, make very festive pages and just add them to your Project life album. 
Or create a totally separate Days of December album.
Document the little festive things you notice or do everyday. Ignore documenting the laundry and everydayness, just gather up the seasonal and scrap about that!

Merrilee {Digigrandma} is making her book for her grandsons. Most adorable idea ever.

Scrap your traditions, your families traditions and any local traditions too.

Make it all about lists, or involve your lists in amongst your photos. Shopping lists, playlists, things still to do lists,  wish lists, menus, guest lists…. Christmas seems very list based!

The Creative Team’s best advice-

Dont you dare say your life is dull, not interesting, or not busy enough. Think about how far around the world we are spread on Designer Digitals, and how different your Christmas might be from, say, mine.  Remind yourself how very much you would have liked this kind of record from your parents, or grandparents.

Dont try and move too far away from your usual style. Trust me, it will be a massive effort to use vintage and super layered pages if you are a clean and simple straight lines kind of scrapper!

Keep it simple. Pick your templates, pick your background paper and just add your photos every night/every weekend. After all there are MANY templates in the store made just for this very project smile As for how you choose which templates… I am no help there I’m afraid wink We are very spoilt for choice!

Give your self a time limit 20-30 minutes is long enough to add your pictures and journaling to each page. Call it done and stop ‘tweaking’ things. Next day- next page!

Gather your chosen December products Put them all in one folder ready to go.

Run spell check. How come those typos never show up till you are reading the printed version anyway?!

Pick at least one thing that is the same on each page – the alpha you use, the background paper, whatever you like; it just really helps your book to flow.
Be prepared to fall a little bit out of love with it as you are slogging your way thro it. I promise promise you its so very worth finishing it.  This reason alone is why I get my pages ready before December.
Visual inspiration-

Check out one of Joanne’s {jcaruth910} ideas for her pages   – she’s gone for striking black backgrounds and I think its going to look amazing!

December_Daily_2_uploadMelissa {melissa hill} has created a mood board to inspire her pages. I love mood boards and if this is anything to go by, her book will ROCK!

december_daily_ideaAmy {mymalloryboys}
has shared her pretty title page with us. She’s excited to use a project life approach with lots of journalers. You can tell its going to be absolutely wonderful.

December_2012_title_webI’ve made my pages from scratch again. Here’s one of them

1stdecwebYes,  I am a fool for extra work wink But I enjoy it very much, its now a big part of my Christmas build up, cant imagine not doing it.  I keep my pages flexible, saving them as psd files, and making sure I could use spaces for extra photos, or photo spaces for extra journaling. I’ve tried to include lots of square frames this year, as no doubt many of my photos will be instagrams from the iPhone.  This year will be very interesting indeed – we are moving house on Dec 8th….!

I look forward to sharing it with you in my pages, and seeing all your December pages too. The entire gallery turns into a can’t-wait-for-the-next-page daily read!

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