Get Inspired – Stickers (or brushes) to Vellum

Good morning all!
I always get just a bit excited when Katie releases a new kit, don’t you? What did you think of the new Floramira Kit? Gorgeous, huh?
I especially loved the stickers in this kit. The floral ones reminded me of the printed vellum I used to use in paper scrapping. Actually – that I used to TRY and use. Attaching it to a page was always the most frustrating process. Glues always showed through the vellum, and clips and staples tended to buckle it. Ahhhhhh – the beauty of digital! Anyhow, I was prompted to have a go at using some in a digital layout.

I used the technique here to create a piece of printed vellum that slightly overlays the photo:

I’ll list the steps I used in Photoshop Elements – there are a few. Of course there may be, and probably are, other and easier ways to do this. This is the way I have found works for me.

1. Make your printed vellum before adding anything else to the page.
2. Change the background colour to something other than white so that you can see what you are doing.
3. Drag the sticker onto the page and making sure you have the sticker layer selected, use the magic wand tool to select the area OUTSIDE the sticker.
4. Go to select>inverse and then you will have ‘marching ants’ around the entire sticker.
5. Go to select>modify>expand and enter a value of 10 pixels, hit ok and then you will have a selection slightly larger than the sticker.
6. Go to layer>new>layer… to create a new layer of the selection.
7. Make sure that your foreground colour is set to white (using the toggle squares at the bottom of your tools panel).
8. Go to Edit>fill layer and you will now have a white shape that covers the sticker. In the layers panel move this white layer to below the sticker.
9. Duplicate the white layer. Now you will have the sticker with two white shapes below it. You will later reduce the opacity of the top white shape to create the vellum. You will use the bottom white shape to create a drop shadow for the vellum.
10. Select the bottom white shape and apply your favourite drop shadow to it. Then simplify that layer. This option is available if you right-click on the layer in the layers panel.
11. Using the magic wand tool, select the white shape and then hit delete. This deletes the shape, but leaves the drop shadow behind.
12. Select the sticker layer and increase the saturation of colour by 40%, and then reduce the opacity to 65%.
13. Select the vellum layer and reduce the opacity to 20%.
14. Link the three layers together. Merge them at this point if you choose to, and use it as a pre-shadowed element.

I next used the cute snail sticker from the Floramira Kit. I duplicated it a couple of times and merged the layers together so that I had an image of three snails nose to tail, as it were. Using the same steps as above, it became a whimsical way to fill in some ‘white space’ on one of my Bush School photos from this year.

There are a lot of beautiful stickers contained in kits that could be used to create printed vellum, but Katie’s Junk Journal Printable Collage Sheets are also a wealth of gorgeous images that could be used in the same way.
These for example:

I just got a bit carried away with the whole vellum idea at that point, and decided to use a whole sheet of it on my next page, cutting out a window to highlight part of a photo. This time I used a shell shaped puffy sticker from the Great Getaway Travel Kit to print on the vellum. This was a bit more work as I had to extract the design from its background which was a bit painstaking. This time I used a colour from the photo rather than white for the vellum. I recoloured the sticker design and placed it on the vellum. I duplicated the design and recoloured the bottom one to white. I then nudged it sideways by just one pixel and it took on the look of embossed vellum. I used the same image to “stamp” the background paper.

There are lots of brush sets in the store that could be more easily used to create this embossed vellum effect. I’m thinking particularly of these:

They would make lovely little embossed vellum cards to attach to a layout.

I found that this technique is best used when layering over edges with good contrast. When those edges ‘show through’ the vellum, it heightens the illusion.

As you people in the Northern Hemisphere are approaching Autumn, I thought I’d just show you this page of mine from last year. I’ve used the same technique with Katie’s Artsy Inked Leaves No.2.

Want to have a go? Your Get Inspired Challenge this month is to create either some printed or some embossed vellum from either a sticker or a brush.

I’m sure you will have something in your stash that springs to mind, but I’ve also asked Randy to pop a couple of junk journal sets and a couple of brush sets in the sale this week should you wish to indulge! And don’t tell anyone that I told you, but this coming week’s new releases include a couple of goodies that will work perfectly for this technique!

If my instructions have been less than helpful (I’m a bit frightened they may have been) – please message me or ask a question in the forum and I’ll do my best to help.

I’ll be posting my layouts, with complete product lists, in the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery and I hope you’ll join me with your layout!!

Don’t forget to add your 100% DD layouts to the September Challenges Participation Sign-in Thread to earn store rewards!

I hope you are inspired to scrap – see you in the gallery!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I especially love the embossing tip. Fantastic tutorial. I’ve tried it out and works a breeze. Now to incorporate the technique into a layout. Thanks so much.

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