Get Inspired Scrapbooking challenge: Scrolling Thru . . .

Good morning everyone! Ready for some product inspiration?

Long long ago, back in the days when scrapbooking was all about paper, I remember being ‘wowed’ one day when I read in a scrapbook magazine about looking for white (or empty) space in a photo and **gasp** writing in it! Away I went, straight down to the scrapbook store as fast as my little feet could carry me to buy a pen that would write on photos! It’s probably fair to say that my scrapping perspective was changed that day. And of course with digital it all became so easy. And still today I love to find the white space in a photo and write in it, or use a photo wrap or banner or wordart over a photo.
Anyway . . . I was browsing in the shop the other day when I came across Katie’s ‘Scrolling Thru’ wordart series like this pack.

I thought to myself that the scrolling part of the wordart would make a great element to place over a photo with some white space. The wordart is great just as it is, but being able to erase part of it and use it with a different word or phrase extends the possibilities. Later that day, as serendipity would have it, Bonnie sent me a photo of Jarvis playing with his trains in lots of white (black) space.

In the ‘Scrolling Thru Spring’ pack there is a piece of wordart that reads ‘Happiness is Flowers”.

I thought I could erase the word ‘flowers’ and use the ‘Happiness is’ to begin my journalling.

I used the dropper tool to select a colour from Jarvy’s pjs and used it to colour the wordart. I manipulated the shadow a little like we did last time, and then anchored down the wordart (which now looks a little like a paper cutout), with some staples. I added some staggered labels to write the rest of my journalling on, and anchored those down with staples too. The whole design remains centrally weighted because at least one of the staggered labels aligns with each side of the photo. A striped background seemed appropriate to the pjs even though Jarv is wearing dinosaurs not stripes!

In this layout, I used another piece of wordart from the same pack. I erased ‘Spring’ to leave ‘Hello’ as my title. This time I left it black, made it into a sticker, tipped it sideways to run over the white space in the photo, and anchored it down with little screws.

In this next page, I extended the bottom of the photo with matching paper to create some white space. I cut out the second part of my title from that extension and used the scrolling ‘Love is a Treasure’ from the ‘Scrolling Thru Love’ set (erasing the treasure). I used the sticker effect again, but reduced the opacity to make it look like a piece of vellum. I was going to anchor it on both sides with little hearts, but I liked it better with one of them offset a bit.

From the same set,

I used the ‘My heart’ wordart for this layout, but swapped the word for a heart shaped doily. I shadowed it again to make it look like a cutout, and anchored it down with two of a set of three brads.

As you can probably guess, I had a lot of fun playing with this idea this week – and I hope you will too!

There are eight sets of these in the store released over 2017 and 2018. Feel free to use any of them for the challenge, but I have asked Randy to put Scrolling Thru Spring, Scrolling Thru Love, Scrolling Thru Life and Scrolling Thru Summer in the sale this week 😉

Please post your page in the scrapbook challenge gallery. If your Layout is created with 100% DD product, don’t forget to add it to the July Challenge Participation Thread to earn shopping rewards!

Happy scrapping!

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