Get Inspired Scrapbooking Challenge: Loosely Labeled Adjectives

Morning all,
Running a little late I’m afraid – do YOU ever wonder if life will ever be just a little less chaotic?
Let’s take a little time out for some scrapping shall we?
In 2016, Katie released a series of her Loosely Labeled that focused on adjectives – all those lovely describing words . . .

These are great to add to little clusters, or to stitch onto the edge of a photo or piece of paper. It’s an easy way to underline your page theme or story. Each pack includes a couple of lines of messy stitching to hold them down with – but you can get a bit more creative with any of the other ways of holding something down on your page. On this rather cheeky page, I’ve used a string bow and a button to hold the label down.

I love the look of a giant ampersand, but they have to “make sense” to me – you know – actually take the place of an ‘and’. If you choose two Loosely Labeled Adjectives, you can use a big ampersand (remember you can enlarge an alpha considerably before it loses any quality – I think I enlarged by 150% on this one) to create your page title.

But then . . . when you see a neat little squarish element, it’s easy to be tempted into a grid isn’t it? So a grid of adjectives all describing Jarvy’s sporting ability forms the basis of this layout.

Of course one of the wonderful things about Designer Digitals is that sometimes a whole series of wonderful elements is released as a value pack . . . like this one!!

How cool is that?

I hope you will join me in using some Loosely Labeled Adjectives to describe something you love this month. I’ll be adding my extra layouts, with complete product lists, to the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery and I hope to see your layout there too!

Don’t forget to add your 100% DD layouts to the February Challenge Participation Sign-in thread in the forum to earn store rewards!

Happy describing!

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